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Kits of Distinction: Designed by Craftsmen, Built by Connoisseurs

You've reached the home page of the Guild of BricksmithsTM, source of the finest custom LEGO® kits in the world. These are independently produced kits, not made by LEGO®. They are targeted at the discerning collector and hobbyist.

From here you can learn more about the Guild in our FAQ, see stunning samples in our Gallery , learn about the History of the Guild, and the meanings behind our slogan. Most importantly, you can learn more about what our members have to offer by going to Contact Us .

Note: If you are looking for info about the Bricksmith LDraw file format compatible authoring tool for the Mac, by Allen Smith, check here instead.


"Big Green" farm equipment


Lions Gate Models

Sobon Truss Bridge from:

CTB-4102 Road 'N Rail Dumper from:

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